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Order to your specifications of color, size, inside drawer depth height and type of hardware preferences are all customizable as is the level of sheen and type of lacquer we use. If you would like, we can also make custom decals under lacquer for special commemoration and personalization purposes. Order turnaround time is 2-4 weeks.

Welcome to the PianoFinish Gallery

Throughout decades of working with the most famed designers and interior design firms in New York on fabricating, restoring, reconstructing and designing interior woodwork and furniture, we have begun to produce our own designs, influenced by contemporary Italian Designers like Rafael with an innovative approach to structural integrity, depth of pigments, high gloss lacquers and special, rare veneers. We aim to create unique heirloom timeless pieces of furniture which will inspire and transform interiors.

The kitchen Nook:

high gloss lacquer kitchen macasar ebony woodworkkitchen bench seating hardwood ebony

kitchen corner bench high gloss lacquer

the above Kitchen Nook was built from sequenced Macasar Ebony select veneer, hand applied, bookmatched on the bench seats, bench backs and the table. Notice the real silver inlay in the table edge, which matches with the silver caps on the black table base. The nook is coated with a chemical and water-resistant polyester high gloss hand-rubbed resin, protecting the rare veneer under a luxurious coat of the highest quality lacquer, buffed to a mirror shine. The ripple-free reflection of objects in our finish can only be achieved by our hand-buffing techniques, not machines.
anigre floating desktake a sneak peak at our upcoming line of furniture. This Blue Anigre Floating desk is a hit. Back from the 1960's but with a few tweaks in design, usign state of the art drawer slides, standoff bases and new age glass. This floating desk is to be complete the second week of Dec.2012
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Services We Provide

Refinishing Antique Furniture, Pianos, Cabinetry, Interiors

Production Finishing

Fabrication of: Furniture, Cabinetry, Replication, Desks, Conference Tables, Dining Furniture, Bedroom Furniture, Wall Architectural Panels, Elevator Cabs

Some of the Finishes /Materials We Use

Polyester, French Polish, Acrylic, Polyurethane, Catalyzed, Pre-Cat., Nitrocellulose, Gold / Silver Leaf, Water Based, Green Finishes Envoronmentally Safe

Pioneering techniques and technology in high gloss finishing and fabrication


Stay in touch with us. Please send us pictures of your design sketches to info@pianofinish.com and fax to (631)968-0940


For customer service and to schedule an appointment with our design staff at our factory or your office, please call us at (800)338-8637